Jones-LAMP-NASA GSFC, 7 Dec 2021

Scheduled Launch Date: 
07 Dec 2021
Date Flight Number Night / Day Vehicle Agency Experimenter Experiment
7 Dec 2021 36.351 GE Night Black Brant IX NASA Jones LAMP
Zone* Pad Recovery Required? Launched? Date Launched

Loss through Auroral Microburst Pulsations (LAMP) is intended to accomplish the following:
Measure pulsating aurora, the highest energy aurora, to see if it plays a role in emptying the radiation belts.
Determine the spatial distribution of microbursts with respect to pulsating patches.
Determine if microburst "trains" are related to optical signatures of pulsating aurbra; if so, determine if microbursts cause modulations of auroral luminosity.
Characterize precipitating e-energy distribution of microbursts to determine if pulsating patches are associated with relativistic e-microbursts

The Principal Investigator is Dr. Sarah Jones/NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

Tuesday, December 7, 2021