Range Projects

  • Alaska Center for
    UAS Integration
    - The Poker Flat
    Research Range has been at the forefront of Unmanned Systems technology
    and research for over 10 years. We are launching an official test range
    specifically geared toward Unmanned Aircraft research, testing, design,
    and logistical deployment for a number of mission types.
  • >iPASS - The Internet Portable Aerial Surveillance
    System is a group of systems designed for see and avoid operations
    while operating unmanned aircraft. This system is also used here at the
    range for see and avoid operations during our launch season.
  • >Web Cams - Our camera feeds only work internally. This little
    web app will display our local web cams located throughout the range.
  • >Rocket Launch Database - This rocket launch database project houses
    information regarding the history of our rocket launches at the range.
  • >"Porky" Radio Poller - We have radios stationed in Fairbanks and in
    Ft. Yukon which require monitoring. This little web app does just that.