Space, Science, and Web Links

The following sites are involved in research programs which complement
those of Poker Flat.

Related Scientific Facilities Worldwide

Other Topics of Interest

  • >Learn Astronomy from your Couch: submitted to us by a student, Mary, who found our
    links and content useful during her own research. She decided to help us out in return.
    Thanks Mary!
  • >Christian's Resource: A Guide to Space Exploration
  • >Dr. Tony Phillips' Space Weather
  • >Alaska Interagency Coordination Center - Alaska Fire Service - BLM:
    Predictive Services - Weather Database
  • >NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day
  • Lynch
    Rocket Lab
    : Space Physics at Darthmouth
  • Dr. Don
    Hampton's Optics Page
  • Poker Flat Allsky Camera
  • BEAR Balloons
  • Aurora
    : Brought to you by the Geophysical Institute.
  • Real-time Aurora
    : display real-time aurora activity.
  • Alaska Space Grant
    : information about the University of Alaska's Space
    Grant activities.
  • IARC:
    The International Arctic Research Center on the University of Alaska
    Fairbanks campus.
  • NASA
    Space Grant home page
    : description and current information
    about the National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program.
  • Sprites and Jets:
    information about Geophysical Institute investigations of
    newly-discovered optical emissions apparently linking the ionosphere
    and thunderstorms.
  • Today
    at NASA
    : updates on shuttle missions and major space science
  • The UAF Physics
    : information about the Physics Department faculty,
    seminars, and graduate program.
  • The UAF Space Physics
    and Aeronomy
    home page, including information on students,
    researchers, and research topics.


  • class="external">Poker Flat student rocket launch (YouTube)
  • class="external">Poker Flat Rocket Launch (YouTube)
  • class="external">ACES Launch Jan 2009 (YouTube)